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Welcome to Sinar Technology

Sinar Technology was founded 40 years ago with the aim of making fast, accurate moisture and density measurement available to all stages of the food chain, from growers to processors.

Our in-house technology and expertise enable our customers to monitor every aspect of their production processes, from field to supermarket shelf, ensuring tight control in today’s cost-conscious world.

We are a market leader in the design and manufacture of high-end instrumentation for the Food, Feed, Beverage & Agricultural markets, with offices and manufacturing sites in the UK and India and official Sinar Technology agencies and service centres based in over 30 countries worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a pocket-sized moisture meter for measuring coffee beans at origin or an integrated system to control a grain drier, Sinar Technology has the solution for you.

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We currently have dealers supporting and selling our moisture analysis products in over 40 countries. While in the UK we have resellers in 30 counties across the UK.

If you would like to contact us directly, please telephone

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Tom Wootton

Farmer from Bedfordshire

"I have grown up with Sinar products they are easy to use and most importantly ruggedly reliable when you really need accuracy. Using Sinar moisture…
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