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Following the success of the CM-100 roast degree analyser, we now offer to the market the CM-100+. This upgraded model can read a wider range of roast profiles, including lighter ‘Nordic’ style roasts.

Using the LED technology it can test ground or whole beans instantly, with brilliant accuracy. It displays the Agtron measurements using the ‘gourmet’ scale, meaning the readings can be understood universally.


Like moisture anaylsis, colour data is crucial to understanding your roasting results. With the knowledge gained from the CM100 you can develop your own roasting curves and improve your coffee like never before, from your own Roastery.


This product is SCA approved and has been trialed by some of the best names in coffee. Their feedback emphasis the CM100+ ability to be a repeatable and reliable product for coffee roasting vendors, shop owners
and home roasters.


  • LED technology allows the meter to analyse both ground and whole bean samples

  • Upgraded readings using Agtron ‘Gourmet’ Scale

  • One touch measurement

  • 1 minute warm up time

  • Stores up to 200 results

  • Easily self-calibrated


> Download Datasheet

Lighttells Colour meter CM-100+.

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Battery life: 6 hours

    • Warm up time: 60 seconds

    • Size: 12.3 x 12.3 x 13.2

    • Operating Temp: 0-50 degree C

    • Power consumption: 1.7W

    • Light: Infrared LED

    • Log output: Micro USB

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