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What Moisture Meter Is The Right Moisture Meter

Accurate moisture meters
Sinar® Moisture Meters

At Sinar we take your moisture seriously - Moisture is one of the most important factors impacting the quality and value of grain. For this reason, grain moisture testing is integral to growers, traders and end users producing, storing & marketing high-quality grain, and is a task that demands accurate and affordable measuring equipment. 

By evaluating moisture content before, after, and during harvest using either a portable or benchtop grain moisture tester, you could save your business money by ensuring all grains are dried, stored correctly, and meet the correct specifications before leaving the farm. 

What type of grain moisture tester is right for you? 

There are two types of grain moisture testers:

Portable version, which is ideal for fast field assessments,

Bench version which provides enhanced accuracy and is ideal for grain management and buying/selling decisions.

Bench models tend to provide better accuracy due to larger sample size, better temperature compensation and enhanced technology.

Whichever version you choose it should be easy and quick to use.

The rule of thumb is the more you test the more accurate your measurements.

Top options for grain moisture analysis 

When choosing a grain moisture analyser, it pays to consider speed, accuracy, portability, and reliability. Different analysers have different features and where some are highly reliable and accurate, they may be less easy to move around the field.

Here is a selection of some of the best products offered by Sinar for testing grain moisture this harvest: 

  The Sinar GrainPro simultaneously measures the moisture, weight and temperature of your grain sample in under 6 seconds. The unique technology allows you to measure samples with the minimum of preparation and has no detrimental effect on the sample tested. The open measuring cell and sealed moulding of the 6070 make it ideal for range of different sized products. From larger products such as beans or peas to much smaller items such as vegetable seeds. The Sinar GrainPro comes ready calibrated for Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, Beans, Linseed, Oilseed and Rye but can store calibration data for up to 25 commodities allowing it to be tailored to your exact requirements. Other calibrations available include Maize, Grass Seed, Tea, Spelt and in very wet harvests Rice

Benefits at a Glance: 

Fast results – Moisture, Hectolitre & Temperature in approx. 6 seconds •

Accurate – ± 0.3% moisture content •

Portable – rugged construction, battery powered •

Fully Automatic– no charts, scales or thermometers •

Extremely Easy to use – whole grain testing •

Can be calibrated for up to 25 separate crops •

Made in the UK

 Quick & Easy - results in 6secs.  

Sinar GrainPro

The highly portable FarmPro moisture analyser is the perfect tool for analysing the moisture content of grain, oilseeds and pulses anywhere on the farm. Its rugged construction means that it is durable enough to go anywhere. The FarmPro takes a small sample, 9 or 11ml which makes it ideal for ‘rubbing out’ samples in the field. With the FarmPro accurate measurements can be taken in the middle of a field with the minimum of fuss.

Benefits At A Glance: 

Easy to use •

Robust and portable •

Grinds and compresses in one action •

Clear digital readout •

Averaging facility •

Automatic temperature compensation •

Complete with carry case and brush

Results in seconds

The Sinar AgriPro is the ideal tool for checking the moisture of your cereals, pulses or oilseeds wherever you need to measure them.

With no-grind measurement the Sinar AgriPro 6095 is perfect for quick measurements of oilseeds, peas & beans. Designed with portability in mind; its durable, compact construction means that it can always be by your side whenever you need it.

The Sinar AgriPro is extremely easy to use - simply pour the grain into the measurement cell, screw down the compression cap and read off the moisture content from the backlit digital display. The AgriPro measures the capacitance of the sample and automatically compensates for temperature. This simplicity does away with the need to mount your machine on a bench or weigh out precise quantities of samples, with the AgriPro accurate measurements can be taken in the middle of a field.

The AgriPro is an excellent tool as either the primary moisture meter for a budget conscious small farmer, or a mobile unit in conjunction with a larger bench mounted machine.

Benefits At A Glance 

Portable – its compact, light frame makes it easy to transport across inspection sites, with a protective carrying case for storage during transit •

Robust – the rugged design makes analysis secure and low maintenance for long-term use •

No sample preparation necessary •

Clear digital readout

Allow a safety margin.

A moisture meter is a scientific instrument. Like all scientific instrumentation it has an operating range, measurement limits & a margin of error.

Most moisture meters are set up at the crucial ‘money making’ point in the measurement range – for Wheat 15%. This is where the moisture meter will be at its most accurate. As you move away from this point, either drier or wetter there will be a greater margin of error. Please look at the documentation provided with your moisture meter or talk with the manufacturer.

It is prudent to treat meter readings conservatively. Errors are frequently ±0.5% and can be greater in very wet, very dry or freshly harvested grain. Farmers who allow a 0.5% safety margin are far less likely to have claims for excess moisture.

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