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Sinar 6070 GrainPro Moisture Meter

*NEW* for 2016 The unique Sinar GrainPro simultaneously measures the capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample and displays an accurate moisture, hectolitre weight and sample temperature on the display.

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Sinar BeanPro 6070

The Sinar BeanPro Moisture Analyser is the newest coffee moisture analyser in our range.

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AgriPro 6095

Agripro is a practical solution for the determination of moisture quickly, in-field without the need to grind.

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GrainSpear 6300

GrainSpear is a practical solution for the determination of moisture and temperature in bulk foodstuffs at depths of up to 2 metres. It works simply by insertion.

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FarmPro 6096

The Sinar FarmPro Moisture Analyser offers the fastest and most convenient solution for measuring moisture content in grains.

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MCal Calibration Software

The MCal software gives users of the Sinar 6060/6070 moisture meter the power to update, check and change their calibration settings using a Microsoft Windows PC or laptop.

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Large Seed Analyser 8100

The Sinar 8100 Large Seed Analyser is the perfect solution for measuring moisture and temperature in large seeds; such as cocoa beans, palm oil kernels, animal feeds or virtually any other granulated material.

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Max50 Moisture Balance

The MAX Infrared balance combines a feature rich interface and high levels of accuracy with the ability to measure just about commodity from 0.5% to 99.5% moisture content. This makes it ideal for applications ranging from agricultural commodities to woodchips to paint and even liquids.

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Sieve Shaker

The CRI4-8c sieve shaker is a simple and effective way to shake your sieves consistently, whether it be for coffee grading or cereal application.

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AquaPal Karl Fischer Titrator

Well known for its speed, accuracy, reliability and simple operation, the Aquapal III has proven to be a valuable tool in determining low moisture content in a wide range of chemicals.

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SP6600 Moisture Probe

The Sinar SP Moisture Probe is the practical solution for the determination of moisture and temperature in coffee, tea, rice, cocoa and other products stored in bags.

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