Max50 Moisture Balance

Max50 Moisture Balance

The MAX Infrared balance combines a feature rich interface and high levels of accuracy with the ability to measure just about commodity from 0.5% to 99.5% moisture content. This makes it ideal for applications ranging from agricultural commodities to woodchips to paint and even liquids.

The MAX allows users to program in a variety of different methods so analysis can be tailored according to specific needs. Fast analysis is no problem for the powerful heating element capable of 160°C (this can be extended to 250°C optionally), thermally unstable products can also be analysed by programming the MAX to ramp up the heat slowly over time to any level that you specify. Once set the MAX is capable of running fully automatically so once it is set you can walk away and let it do the hard work.

Please take a look at the pdf datasheet for more detailed technical information.

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  • Highly accurate
  • Save time with fully automatic analysis
  • Easy to use graphic display
  • Fast operation allows the analysis of many samples with the minimum of fuss

The MAX50 infrared balance is the cutting edge solution to measuring the moisture content in just about any product. The MAX50 achieves accurate results quickly and easily thanks to its infrared heating element. The MAX50 operates on a ‘loss on drying’ principal. The sample is placed into the machine where it is automatically weighed; the MAX50 then heats the sample to a specified temperature while continuing to measure the weight. When no more weight loss is detected the sample is completely dry and the MAX50 automatically calculates the moisture content. This measurement can be performed across a large range of moisture contents from 0.5% to 99.5% moisture.

The ‘loss on drying’ measurement principal means that there is virtually no limit to the commodities that can be measured with a MAX50 balance. Unlike other moisture analysers the MAX50 requires no specific calibration settings which gives you the power to measure moisture in a wide range of products from raw materials to wood chips to pharmaceuticals to food stuffs to animal feeds and more.

The MAX50 is incredibly easy to use. Its large, graphical display makes reading the results and setting the program simple. Samples can be prepared in a matter of seconds and the MAX50’s automatic analysis allows you to walk away while it does the hard work. It can also be connected to a printer or PC to log the results.

  • Maximum capacity: 50g (MAX50), 60g (MAX60)
  • Reading unit: 1mg
  • Tare range: 50g (MAX50), 60g (MAX60)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 % (depending on commodity)
  • Repeatability: ± 0.24% (sample <2g), ± 0.06% (sample <2g), ±0.04% (sample <10g)
  • Max drying temperature: 160 °C
  • Drying modes: 4 (standard, quick, stepped, mild)
  • Auto switch off options: 3 (manual, automatic, timed)
  • Additional functions: Sample identification, drying diagram
  • Power (heating element): 400 W
  • Power supply: 230 V / 11V AC or 120 V / 11 V AC
  • Display: Graphic (backlit)

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