Large Seed Analyser 8100

Large Seed Analyser 8100

The Sinar 8100 Large Seed Analyser is the perfect solution for measuring moisture and temperature in large seeds. Its unique sensor technology allows easy measurement of moisture in large particles without grinding or processing in any way. This makes it ideal for measuring cocoa beans, palm oil kernels, animal feeds or virtually any other granulated material.
The sensor cell allows accurate measurements on large samples of products that other moisture meters struggle to measure while its robust construction makes it ideal for measuring samples on the move. Results are displayed in 6 seconds so you are always up to date with the moisture content of your products.

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Measures the moisture of large seeds or pellets accurately.

Rugged design allows measurements to be taken anywhere.

Fast readings allow many samples to be processed quickly.

Easy to use – no specialist training required

Accuracy:  Better than +/-0.5% mc dependant upon application

Measurement range:  0% – 35% dependant upon application

Operating Environment:  20 – 60 °C

Power Supply:  4×1.5v AA Cells

Principle of Operation:  Capacitance Temperature

Compensation:  Automatic, programmable

Readout resolution:  0.1% mc, 0.1 °C

Dimensions (display unit): 195 x 154 x 33 mm, 0.6 kg

Dimensions (sensor): 100 x 380 mm, 1.5 kg

Sensor volume: 1.4 litres

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