CM-100 Coffee Colour Analyser

CM-100 Coffee Colour Analyser

The Lighttells CM-100 Coffee Roast Color Analyzer allow you to classify the roasting degree (or delta) between whole bean and ground to better understand the roasting curve and end result. The goal is for better quality control, whether you’re a coffee roasting vendor, coffee shop owner or passionate home roaster. The CM-100 supports fast key, has high accurate measurements, works on long hours (up to 6 continuous hours of use), its portable and easy to store.

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Battery life: 6 hours

Warm up time: 60 seconds

Size: 12.3 x 12.3 x 13.2

Operating Temp: 0-50 degree C

Power consumption: 1.7W

Light: Infrared LED


– IR technology allows the meter to analyse the colour of both ground and whole bean samples

– Agtron measurements using the ‘Gourmet’ Scale

– One touch measurement

– 1 minute warm up time

– Stores up to 100 results

– Self-calibrating


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