Aqua TR Moisture Analyser

Aqua TR Moisture Analyser

The Aqua TR is the ideal tool for measuring many samples quickly and accurately. This makes it perfect for busy intake points, grain labs or large farmers looking for that extra edge. The Aqua TR features fully automatic analysis, grain is poured into the top and the automatic sampling ensures that the cell is filled correctly every time – over filling and under filling is impossible and no sample preparation is necessary.


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The Aqua TR automatically displays not only moisture but bushel weight and temperature results for each sample measured making it a truly versatile machine. The in built memory can store up to 1000 samples allowing full audit trails for all analysis. This memory can be accessed through the display, printed (using the optional printer) or output to a computer (using the optional software).

Accuracy: +/- 0.3% mc dependant on application
+/- 0.5 kg/hl dependant on application
+/- 0.5 °C
Measurement range: 6% – 45% dependant upon application
Operating Environment: 2 – 45 °C
Dimensions: 327x240x470 mm
Weight: 9.4 Kg (including carry case)
Power Supply: 240V mains adapter
Principle of Operation: Capacitance
Compensation: Automatic
Readout resolution: 0.1% mc
Memory: 1000 tests

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