AgriCheck Moisture Protein and Nitrogen Analyser

AgriCheck Moisture Protein and Nitrogen Analyser

Using the latest in NIR (Near Infra Red) technology the Agri Check is capable not only of measuring the moisture content of both wheat and barley but also the protein in wheat and the nitrogen in barley. This makes the Agri Check the ideal instrument for precision farmers looking to precisely measure all aspects of their crop as well as traditional grain labs and intake points.

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The Agri Check features an easy to use interface and with no sample preparation even an inexperienced user can take highly accurate results in minutes. The Agri Check’s internal hard drive has the capacity for thousands of results which can be archived and retrieved through the large touch screen. Results can then be sent to a printer or a PC.

Measurement modes: Moisture, Protein (Wheat), Nitrogen (Barley) Measurement

Principal: NIR (Near Infra Red)

Dimensions: 45x45x40 cm (approx)

Weight: 21 kg

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