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The penalty for poor moisture control affects both grower and processor alike. For the grower it means poor yields, contaminated product and a loss of his livelihood. For the producer it affects the colour, taste and quality of the product and ultimately leads to consumer dissatisfaction.

Sinar BeanPro 6070

The Sinar BeanPro Moisture Analyser is the newest coffee moisture analyser in our range.

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CM-100 Coffee Colour Analyser

One of the most exciting new products of its kind, the CM100 Colour Meter is fast becoming the best hand held colour meter on the market. Using the latest IR LED technology, it can test ground or whole beans instantly, with great precision. It displays the Agtron measurements using the ‘gourmet’ scale, meaning the readings can be understood universally.

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AgriPro 6095 Green Coffee Moisture Analyser

The AgriPro is the perfect product for anybody looking for truly portable moisture measurement. Its simple design with no moving parts allows it to be small and robust while its large variety of calibrations gives it the versatility to measure virtually any commodity you need.

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Large Seed Analyser 8100

The Sinar 8100 Large Seed Analyser is the perfect solution for measuring moisture and temperature in large seeds; such as cocoa beans, palm oil kernels, animal feeds or virtually any other granulated material.

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Sieve Shaker

The CRI4-8c sieve shaker is a simple and effective way to shake your sieves consistently, whether it be for coffee grading or cereal application.

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ColorTrack Laser Colour Analysis

The ColorTrack R100 Laser Colour Analyser represents the latest in technology and a new standard for color analysis delivering unparalleled precision.

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Nilema Litre Hectolitre Weight System

The Nilema Litre Hectolitre Weight System provides laboratory grade accuracy on bulk density measurements for cereals, oil seeds and other bulk commodities.

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