Instrument Manuals

Please find full downloadable versions of your instrument manual below:

SINAR GrainPro 6070: 6070 GrainPro User Manual

SINAR BeanPro 6070: 6070 Beanpro User Manual

SINAR Grainspear 6300: GrainSpear User Manual

SINAR AgriPro 6095:  AgriPro 6095 Grain User Manual / AgriPro 6095 Coffee User Manual

SINAR Farmpro 6096: FarmPro 6096 User Manual

SINAR LSA 8100: LSA User Manual

SINAR SP 6600: SP6600 User Manual

SINAR 6070 short form user manual: 6070 Short from manual

SINAR 6070 short form user manual (Spanish): Sinar 6070 Leaflet – Spanish

Calibration Sample Instructions

Calibration checking document (BeanPro – with updated density): 6070 BeanPro Iss2

Calibration checking document (BeanPro – without updated density) : 6070 BeanPro Iss1

Calibration checking document (GrainPro) : Calibration Checking Document GrainPro 2.0

Calibration checking document (AP6060) : Calibration Checking AP6060 iss2


Windows 10 Upgrade Fix: MCal Get Authorisation 2 Reset Instructions

If you have purchased a product from SINAR Technology and the manual does not appear on this list, please check the individual product page or contact us at