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Why do I get different moisture readings from my GrainSpear at the top of the heap to the bottom


There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Grain compaction.
  2. Temperature stability.

If the grain has only just been laid, then the compaction is uneven throughout the depth and will become stable after a few days on the floor or in the bin. You’ll see the readings stabilise as the compaction settles down.

If the grain has been down for some time, then most commonly the GrainSpear hasn’t been inserted into the grain far enough, it really needs to go in for approximately half its length to get an accurate reading.

When the GrainSpear is initially turned on, the first reading it displays is temperature. This is deliberate, as the temperature of the sensor needs to stabilise before a moisture reading is taken. The most common error is for the operator to switch the instrument immediately to moisture before inserting the spear and not allowing the temperature to settle.

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