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I have more than one moisture meter of the same model and they give different results – why?


 There are two possibilities.

  1. All the instruments require recalibration.
  2. All instruments have a +/- range of error tolerance, typically between 0.3% – 0.5% depending on model, and the differences you are noticing are could be due to this.

All our instruments have the ability to have MINOR adjustments made to them by the user to remove these differences. Any major adjustments really do require a visit to our workshop to ensure that there isn’t something more fundamentaly wrong with the instrument. A minor adjustment would be up to the range of error tolerance for the individual instrument.

Purchase a known calibration standard from us (part No 1900-6352) and check your meter against them to determine which, if any, require recalibration, or in the case of GrainSpears, one of our Field Test Devices (part No 1900-6280).

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