In today’s markets it is essential to regulate moisture and temperature in every aspect from the growing of the seed through to the final stored product. Failure to do so will bring about poor yields, insect infestations, spoilage from moulds and micro-toxins and consequential losses at the point of sale.

Sinar 6070 GrainPro Moisture Meter

*NEW* for 2016 The unique Sinar GrainPro simultaneously measures the capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample and displays an accurate moisture, hectolitre weight and sample temperature on the display.

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GrainSpear 6300

GrainSpear is a practical solution for the determination of moisture and temperature in bulk foodstuffs at depths of up to 2 metres. It works simply by insertion.

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AgriPro 6095

Agripro is a practical solution for the determination of moisture quickly, in-field without the need to grind.

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FarmPro 6096

The Sinar FarmPro Moisture Analyser offers the fastest and most convenient solution for measuring moisture content in grains.

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Aqua TR Moisture Analyser

High speed analysis makes rapid measurement of many samples easy - great for busy intake points

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GermPro Germination Tester

The GermPro Germination Tester allows the germinative capacity of grain to be determined quickly, easily and conviniently.

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AP6060-001AG Moisture Analyser

The Sinar AP Moisture Analyser offers the fastest and most convenient solution for measuring moisture content in agricultural commodities.

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Sieve Shaker

The CRI4-8c sieve shaker is a simple and effective way to shake your sieves consistently, whether it be for coffee grading or cereal application.

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The Sinar DryPro heralds a breakthrough in crop moisture control, providing real time moisture content & temperature readings, which allows fine-tuning of the dryer to maximize throughput and minimize fuel wastage.

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Nilema Litre Hectolitre Weight System

The Nilema Litre Hectolitre Weight System provides laboratory grade accuracy on bulk density measurements for cereals, oil seeds and other bulk commodities.

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AgriCheck Moisture Protein and Nitrogen Analyser

Using the latest in NIR (Near Infra Red) technology the Agri Check is capable not only of measuring the moisture content of both wheat and barley but also the protein content of wheat and the nitrogen of barley.

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Numigral I Seed Counter

The Numigral I seed counter provides the perfect solution to the tedious task of small item counting.

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Large Seed Analyser 8100

The Sinar 8100 Large Seed Analyser is the perfect solution for measuring moisture and temperature in large seeds; such as cocoa beans, palm oil kernels, animal feeds or virtually any other granulated material.

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