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GrainSpear 6300 Bulk Moisture Analyser

Grainspear -smThe GrainSpear is the perfect solution for anybody looking to measure bulk foodstuffs. The highly sensitive, temperature compensated capacitance sensor is mounted on a 1 or 2 metre steel shaft allowing direct insertion into the heap. The moisture content and temperature can be read instantly from the digital display mounted on the top of the shaft.

This simple 'insert and read' operation allows multiple measurements of the bulk to be taken in seconds allowing you to build up an accurate picture of the heap without having to use clumsy sampling equipment. The GrainSpear really comes into its own during floor drying when the drying front can be tracked through the heap in real time giving you precise control.

Please take a look at our pdf datasheet for more detailed technical information.

Product Options

    • 6300-001 GrainSpear with 1 metre shaft
    • 6300-002 GrainSpear with 2 metre shaft

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